What can be read from someones personality?

Every person owns a unique set of character traits that defines who they are. When it comes to choosing the right career path, research suggests that your personality has a major influence on what matches your career wants and needs. People who take on roles that don’t match their personalities tend to become unhappy over time, mostly because they feel caged for not being able to fully express themselves.

Finding a career that’s right for you should always be your main goal, if not only for the numerous studies that show that if you take on a role that allows you to fully be yourself, you tend to be more productive, happier and you will obtain higher rewards. Although the nature of your daily tasks, the accompanying company culture, and a good salary all play an undeniable role in job satisfaction, the most leading factor is commonly believed to be personality fit.

So, how do you define something as abstract as someone’s personality? Luckily, there are ways to systematically map out an individual’s characteristics. These so-called ‘psychometrics assessments’ are commonly used tools by recruiters and hiring managers to measure if candidates seem a right fit for the vacancy in question. But, how cool would it be if you could see for yourself, and find matching jobs in the process? Josieapp.com has got your back.

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