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In Understand yourself, you get insights into where you are now. It is important to understand yourself before you start looking for a new job, new company, or new career, because how to know where to go if you don't know from where you start? Josie helps you uncover three perspectives essential for any next step.

First, it is helpful to identify your work values in your career journey. That way, you can target companies and jobs that line up with what you're looking for. Work values are the traits that matter most to you in any given job and can include anything from creativity and independence to teamwork. Once you know your work values, it becomes much easier not only to find a job you'll excel at but also one that brings satisfaction.

Second, knowing your personality is important when looking for a new job or career. Some of your personality traits make you a natural to perform different tasks. For instance, someone with an extrovert personality has a natural strength to work with tasks involving a lot of interaction with others. Or someone who is very analytical might fit as a data scientist finding patterns in a vast amount of data. For most roles, recruiters are looking for people with specific personality traits that make them perform the job tasks in an effortless manner.

Third, getting an overview of your skill set will allow you to see what other types of jobs you might fit, what you need to develop to reach a specific position later, and give you confidence that from every job that you have had you have learned things that can be re-used later on. When having an overview of your skill set, you should also reflect on which of your skills you want to use more in your future career.

The Josie 360™ Career Test helps you within 15-20 minutes to get an understanding of yourself through these three perspectives in a rich, but easily digestible report. With this in hand, you have a solid foundation for exploring your future career options. 

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