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Career Description

Career descriptionA brief summary of what the role is about
Education levelMost common level of education for the role
Work/life balanceBased on the typical number of work hours for someone in this role. From The US Occupational Information Network (O*NET)
Salary insightsBase salary without bonus. We estimate this with publicly available data.
DemandHow demandable the role is on the job market. We estimate this by analyzing publicly available job ads.

Skills in-demand

Hard skillsHard skills are usually more technical, like knowing certain software programs or having a specialized certification. The score shows you how relevant your set of skills is to a specific title.
Soft skillsSoft skills, however, are more flexible and abstract, but often just as important—things like leadership skills or public speaking—which are transferable between jobs and industries. The score for the soft skills is based on how relevant they are to a specific title.

Your Personality Match

The personality match visualize how a successful professional within a role to score in the personality assessment, and compares this to your personality profile.

Salary Insights

This is Josie's estimated range on base salary (before commission or bonus payouts).

We determine salary estimates by analyzing data from a range of publicly available job vacancies.

We also show salaries for similar roles.

Demand Insights

This is Josie's analysis of how the demand for a specific job title is developing relative to the total market. The demand is determined by analyzing job vacancies.

We also show the demand for similar roles.

Demand around the Globe

This section visualize the demand for a given role per country (Europe) or state (US).

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