How to research a new career

Researching a new career can be a daunting task, but it is essential to ensure that you are making an informed decision about your career path.

Here are some tips to help you research a new career and make the most of your career development.

  1. Research the industry: The first step to researching a new career is to familiarize yourself with the industry. Investigate the industry’s job market, trends, and requirements. Learn about any certifications or qualifications you may need in order to pursue the career.
  2. Identify the skills necessary: Research the skills and experience necessary to be successful in the new career. Make a list of the skills you already possess and those you need to develop or gain. Be sure to check out Josie's career library with information about relevant skills, market demand, salary ranges, etc. 
  3. Find mentors: Reach out to mentors in the industry who can provide valuable insights and advice. Connect with them online, through networking events, or by attending industry conferences.
  4. Analyze the job market: Analyze the job market to determine the availability and salaries of positions you are interested in. Consider the job prospects in different locations, and research the job growth rate in the industry.
  5. Network: Develop a strong network of contacts who can provide valuable information and advice about the industry and the job market. Attend networking events, reach out to professionals in the field, and use social media to connect with people in the industry. Read more about networking.
  6. Research job postings: Research job postings and job descriptions to understand the qualifications and skills employers are looking for. This can help you focus your career development efforts and tailor your resume and cover letter accordingly. Find and filer job opportunities on

By taking the time to research a new career, you can make an informed decision about your future. By following these tips, you can maximize your career development and make yourself competitive in the job market.

Good luck!

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